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Computer Applications

All the fundamentals of computer applications are covered in this 26-week course; from basic keyboarding to Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook).

Students are taught essentials of Windows 10 operating system, Internet research skills, job-readiness skills, office equipment operations, and intensive hands-on exercises that will give them real-life experiences in a small class setting for hands-on instruction. After graduation, our students receive job placement assistance through our network of employers, employment agencies, and highly proficient alumni.

Program objectives Include:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in Computer Concepts.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Windows Operating System Features
  • Demonstrate appropriate communication skills.
  • Demonstrate job-readiness skills.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite & Outlook.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in operations of computer peripheral equipment.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic computer terminology & computer parts
  • Demonstrate proficiency in operations of Office equipment
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Internet research/E-mail

Target Occupations:

Customer Service, Information Clerks, Financial Clerks; Desktop Support, Computer User Support Specialist:

Click here for details on Customer service

Click here for details on Computer User Support Specialists

Course Descriptions:

CodeClass TitleLectureLabClock Hours
BE201Internet-Email and File Attachments21012
PV101Introduction to Windows Operating Systems essentials41519
WP101Microsoft Word105060
WP201Microsoft Word Advanced104050
ME101Microsoft Excel256085
ME102Microsoft Excel Advanced205070
PP101PowerPoint Essentials206080
DB101 Access Essentials325082
OTK250 Outlook53540

Course Length:
26 weeks, 520 clock hours

Completion requirements:
Students must have received a minimum of 70% GPA and 70% attendance. In addition, all financial arrangement must be met.

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