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Learn the intricacies of web page design and development in this 26-week course, including a wide variety of editing and programming tools available to you. Additionally, gain knowledge of the technical infrastructure that makes the Internet work with the fundamentals of server configuration and maintenance.

Graduates of the Web Master program will have a working knowledge of Web page design which includes editing, programming, deploying and running CGI programs on a Web server. Develop a career as a Web Administrator, Web Server Technician or Web Engineer.

Program objectives Include:

  • knowledge of different operating systems
  • Understanding web server management.
  • Understanding scripting, using: HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.
  • Understanding Web Site design development/Maintenance.
  • Understanding specialized web design software.
  • Understanding SEM/SEO tools.
  • Understanding Web programming languages.
  • Understanding Websites performance testing.
  • Understanding of the seven layers of the Open Systems Interface (OSI) model.

Target Occupations:

Web Page Designer, Web Master, Internet Support, Jr. Web Administrator, Web Server Technician, Web Technician, Web Engineer, Internet Desk Support, Technical Support, Internet Specialist.

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Course Descriptions:

CodeClass TitleLectureLabClock Hours
W109Web Page Design Fundamentals102434
W110HTML Basics101020
D115Web Programming (CSS, SQL, JavaScript)205373
E120Web Server Administration155570
E130Unix Programming35153188
E140CGI Programming204565
E150Scripts Editing Techniques155570

Course Length:
26 weeks, 520 clock hours

Completion requirements:
Students must have received a minimum of 70% GPA and 70% attendance. In addition, all financial arrangement must be met.

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