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Learn the intricacies of Web Page Design and Development in this 26-week course. Gain the knowledge of the Technical Infrastructure that makes the Internet work with the Fundamentals Of Server Configuration and Maintenance.

Graduates of the Webmaster training program will have a working knowledge of web page design and utilizing the advanced tools and technology required for Editing, Programming, Deploying, and Running CGI programs on a Web server.

Program objectives: The graduate will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Different Operating Systems
  • Web Server Management
  • Scripting, Using: HTML, CSS, SQL, & JavaScript
  • Web Site Design Development/Maintenance
  • Specialized Web Design Software
  • SEM/SEO Tools
  • Web Programming Languages
  • Website Performance Testing
  • The Seven Layers Of The Open Systems Interface (OSI) Model

Target Occupations:

Web Page Designer, Web Master, Internet Support, Junior Web Administrator, Web Server Technician, Web Technician, Web Engineer, Internet Desk Support, Technical Support, and Internet Specialist.

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