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Academic Policy

The faculty and staff of the school consider each moment in class imperative for success. When the student is not in the classroom, the information missed cannot be recaptured. Students who are excessively absent (30% or more of classroom hours) will be placed on probation without notice.If the student’s attendance does not improve, the student will be dropped from the program. Students will not be readmitted without approval of the primary instructor and Director. If a student is absent for a test he/she will be given an opportunity to retest at the earliest convenience of the instructor. Makeup classes may be required at the discretion of the instructor and with approval of the Director. A student is considered tardy when arriving 10 minutes or more after the start of class, or leaving 10 minutes or more before the end of class. Tardiness and early departures are included in the student’s attendance record of absences.


The school has an open enrollment period and start dates are assigned upon the number of students enrolled.

January 1New Year’s
January 18Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 15Presidents Day
May 30Memorial Day
July 4Independence Day
September 5Labor Day
November 11Veterans Day
November 24-25Thanks giving
August 25 – September 5, 2016Summer Break
December 26, 2015 to January 4, 2016Winter Break

Students wishing to be absent on other nationally recognized holidays must request so in writing to the Program Director at least three school days prior to the holiday.

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