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Business Information Technology For Customer Service Representative (CSR)

All the fundamentals of computer applications and job readiness skills for entry-level Customer Service Representative positions are covered in this 14-18 week course.

This course teaches a comprehensive set of skills that are in-demand across a variety of industries including Retail, Multi-Industry Call Centers, and Manufacturing. Students are assigned intensive hands-on exercises that provide real-life experience in a small class setting for hands-on instruction.

Certificates of completion are awarded to graduates. After graduation, our students receive job placement assistance through our network of employers, employment agencies, and highly proficient alumni.

Prerequisite: General admission requirements—see the School Catalog for details.

Program objectives: The graduate will be able to demonstrate proficiency in:

  • Computer Concepts
  • Keyboarding
  • Professional Communication Skills
  • Data Entry Skills
  • Database Management
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Operation Of Computer & Peripheral Equipment
  • Basic Computer Terminology & Computer Parts
  • Windows Operating System Features
  • Operations Of Office Equipment
  • Internet Research/E-Mail
  • Job Readiness Skills

Target Occupations:

  • CSR
  • Clerical
  • Call Center Support Staff
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