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In the IT industry, entry-level positions targeted by people who don’t have any experience. Most people hired for entry-level IT positions are new college graduates or newly certified in IT. But, who is hiring these entry-level professionals?

Various industries hire entry-level professionals to help their company grow or to save their company some money. Many entry-level IT professionals take advantage of paid Internships to gain experience and some income.

Here are some of the industries that are hiring entry-level IT professionals:


The healthcare industry is one of the thriving industries currently hiring IT professionals. Patient’s data and other healthcare concerns are highly-sensitive; so, various healthcare industries are hiring entry-level professionals to protect every data and to ensure that compliance regulations are maintained. Healthcare telecommunications and networking is evolving, and healthcare companies look to entry-level IT professionals to maintain and update their equipment.


Technology companies are considered to be one of the hottest employment options for entry-level IT professionals. Many technology companies are growing quickly and seeking entry-level professionals to meet their increasing demands and concerns. That means these companies are hiring larger numbers of entry-level IT professionals!

Financial Services

Financial services include banking and the enhancement of other technology services to provide better customer service. The need to provide good financial services is the main reason why companies that provide financial services are continuously hiring I.T professionals. This industry makes a significant impact on the hiring of entry-level IT professionals.


Though this industry may not be the first industry to come to mind when seeking IT positions, the construction industry is becoming increasingly reliant on technology. There are large-scale projects that demand IT workers; to make construction easier. Most construction firms in America hire entry-level IT professionals to update their systems and other platforms.

American Employers Expectations

Employers are looking for IT professionals who have initiative and are engaged in continuing education. Writing, communication skills, problem-solving and organizational skills, planning, troubleshooting, experience with Microsoft Office Suite, customer service, and research are just a few skills that employers seek when hiring IT professionals. These are often considered baseline skills for entry-level IT applicants.

The high demand for IT professionals means that a professional certification can give an applicant an advantage and help build their career. The Micro-Easy Vocational Institute contribution provides training in the growing field of Information Technology. It is clear that employers are looking for qualified entry-level professionals that have a reputable background and the education in this industry.

Continuing education and further development of your skills will help you to land a job as an entry-level IT professional in the various industries that we’ve mentioned.

– Kola Onafowode

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