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The Information Technology sector is a fast-growing one. In fact, if you’re looking for job stability, getting the right national IT certification (such as CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, etc.) is often essential. Nearly all areas of life involve some form of technology, and thus, there is a rapid growth rate within this vast and ever-changing industry. To stay abreast of these changes and to make the absolute most of your professional potential, you should consider enrolling in the courses offered by Network+.

We proudly offer one of the most diverse and up to date range of classes and certifications available. Moreover, we provide every one of our students with an end to end services that are designed to promote personal success. From helping people choose their respective niches to offer an impressive range of job placement services, we’re committed to helping people reach their goals.

It’s important to note that it is no longer enough for IT professionals to simply be proficient in specific areas of learning. More employers than ever before are demanding IT certifications in A+, and Network+. Moreover, these entities want to make sure that people are graduating from reputable institutions that are duly preparing them for the challenges of this field.

For those who are just getting started in this field, A+ certification or Network+ can command an annual salary of $30k to $40k at entry level positions, and with rapid opportunity for growth. Ultimately, the better the training that a person receives, and the more knowledge and experience he or she has, the more money this individual can command when applying for jobs.

We work hard to ensure that our classes and training programs are in line with the latest demands in the IT field. As technology changes and various devices and programming techniques become obsolete, the related professional skills become obsolete as well. That’s why one of our principal goals is to make sure that we’re preparing people for the fast-changing future of the technology sector.

Companies can also rely on our training to continuously improve the skills, abilities and overall value of the trained talent that they’ve hired. We offer some of the best options in progressive training for organizations and at highly affordable costs. This is especially important for professionals in the IT management niche and those who specialize in IT security. As new technical threats arise, IT professionals must have new skills and strategies for mitigating them.

The Better Business Bureau recognizes us and maintains an A+ rating. And we are licensed to operate by BPPE. Our training partners such as Department of Rehabilitation, Department of Labor, East Bay Works, EDD, City of San Pablo, etc.; sponsor most of our students. We provide opportunities for advancement in Information Technology skills to under-served and under-funded demographics including Veterans.

For those looking for professional training that will truly change their lives, our courses and programs offer the ideal solution. We provide opportunities that prepare people for the future. Our learning options are consistently at the cutting edge of technical development and represent the future and ongoing technical needs of businesses throughout a very diverse range of fields.

– Kola Onafowode

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