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From an early age, we are all made to understand that education is the key to success and there is no doubt about that. What most of us do not know is that there is more to education than just getting that degree. Individuals, government and learning institutions have worked tirelessly to ensure that as many people as possible get access to quality education and the results are amazing. Communities have been transformed, the standard of living has improved, and the journey to eradicating poverty is well on course. But even with all this, unemployment levels are still high. So why is this case considering that people are more equipped when it comes to knowledge and skills? A closer look at the reason behind the increasing rate has proven that among other reasons, lack of adequate experience has been a contributing factor in job seekers being locked out of job openings.

Experience has now become a thorn in the flesh of most job seekers especially graduates across every industry. Unlike before when employers paid more attention to the education level and skills of job seekers, today most people are locked out from their dream jobs simply because their experience levels are not ‘good enough.’ When you look at most job advertisements, one thing stands out most if not all job opening requires that the suitable client have between 5 to 10 years worth of experience in the respective field. Given that most graduate job seekers have experience ranging from zero to four years; the question then becomes, where are the graduate job seekers expected to get the required experience if no one is willing to offer them an opportunity based on their existing skills?

The need for experienced workers is so great that employers prefer recycling employees, locking out new employees in the process. Internships and graduate training programs are some of the initiatives that employers who understand how grave this problem is have adopted to try and be part of the solution and not the problem. Amidst the entire job hunting gloom especially for job seekers, such initiatives are a light at the end of the tunnel. If employers, government, learning institutions and everyone, in general, join hands in support of programs that are geared towards offering jobs seeker opportunities especially for them to gain experience, then we will be killing more than two birds with one stone.

Micro-easy is one of the leading institutions in matters pertaining to training exceptional IT experts. As an institution, they go beyond the training to link their students with employers. Our vocational programs focus equipping our students with skills that will meet the IT needs in the job market. The team behind the training comprises of highly trained professionals and lead IT veterans who give their all to ensure that every student who goes through their programs stands out. They focus on equipping the students with capabilities, skills, and a high level of professionalism, preparing them for the job market. However lucrative a career in I.T. is in today’s digital age; experience still proves to be a barrier when it comes to landing a job. The institution having understood this they have gone a step further to develop partnerships with some of the employers in the industry that offers the students an opportunity to work in their firms and learn on the job.

Apart from experience, a set of diverse skills also goes a long way when it comes to landing a job. A person with a couple of certificates in a variety of skills has a better chance of getting a job compared to a graduate who only has a degree. Therefore, it is important that even as we look at experience, we also look at other ways that could give us an added advantage in the job market.

It is a good start, but there is always room for growth and improvement. More employers have to come on board not only to support the education of more people but also offer them opportunities to utilize those skills. Micro-easy is a beautiful start, and the future looks brighter with institutions like Micro-Easy.

– Kola Onafowode

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