We believe everyone can learn computer skills!

Computer and IT training are necessary for most twenty-first century industries and workplaces. IT certifications make applicants with high school diplomas or GED’s more valuable and qualified to potential employers.

Many institutions provide training in Information Technology and clerical careers, so the growth in IT industry demands a workforce for worldwide certified IT professionals such as CompTIA A+.

Participating in numerous technological training provide people with a high school diploma or GED certificate with a better opportunity for earning a living wage. Training is a form of skill development usually received at Vocational or Trade Schools and can be acquired in less than seven months in most courses at Micro-Easy Vocational Institute.

Having an IT certification is proof that an IT expert is professional and knowledgeable in the trade. IT training and certifications help you gain the necessary experience and validates the skills you have to future employers. You still have a career opportunity in IT even if you only have a high school diploma or GED certificate. IT training can help job seekers in the following ways:

  • Job Retention – If you already have a job, you have lower chances of being laid off because you have valuable knowledge and skills.
  • Salary Maintenance – Most companies, especially state and city governments, ask employees for salary cuts. If you have a certification, your employer will pay you for the salary that you deserve. The salary range for the entry-level IT certification varies.

    When you have the CompTIA A+ certification, the expected salary is up to $75,000 per year. In CompTIA Network+, the average annual salary is $74,000. Salaries vary according to the job role, employee experience, and the employer.
  • Hiring and Promotion Eligibility – There are many high school and GED graduates who are interested in entry-level IT jobs. However, without the edge of IT training, hiring and promotion not be possible without new and timely IT certifications to give you an advantage over other applicants.
  • Career Improvement – Business usually invests more in IT professionals who know and perform their jobs excellently. The intensive training enables professionals to be promoted from lower to upper positions easily. The professional certificate speaks about your dedication as an IT professional.
  • Confidence – With various opportunities for hands-on experience and training in IT industry, you can create the confidence to tackle, diagnose, and resolve many complicated IT problems. Hands-on training makes a big difference in your confidence level; so you should seek IT training at a school that is serious about helping their students acquire confidence.

    People who are interested in IT careers should look for schools that will prepare them for the future challenges in IT industry combined with the hands-on training. Opting for IT certifications is simple with the help of Micro-Easy Vocational Institute!

The Micro-Easy Vocational Institute offers training classes for popular IT certifications in the industry. Micro-Easy is led by veteran IT professionals who can prepare you for bigger opportunities and responsibilities in the future. Go to www.micro-easy.com/how-to-find-better-jobs/ to learn more about the system.

– Kola Onafowode

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